Eve’s ‘Fight Song’ music video has GORGEOUS art, FABULOUS animation and HILARIOUS ending ‘bloopers’ – Watch!

Eve’s ‘Fight Song‘ music video also tells a wild, high-energy yet really sweet story

Eve’s ‘Fight Song‘ is Chainsaw Man‘s Ending Theme Song #12.


A song that fans of the hit anime got to hear a snippet of last night during Episode 12’s ending animation.

Die-hard fans (ie: most Eve fans and most Chainsaw Man obsessives like me) could then hear the song in full via Spotify a couple of hours later.

Something I did, and have then had on repeat ever since.

But, knowing how much fans would want a full music video of ‘Fight Song‘ as fast as possible, Eve has wasted no time in releasing one.

Eve’s ‘Fight Song‘ music video came out on his YouTube channel early this morning (my time in Austria), and has already earned him almost half a million plays.

(In the 15 minutes it took me to write this article, the video now has well over 500,000 plays and is still climbing fast).

Not surprising really, as the ‘Fight Song‘ video is one of the best Eve music videos he has released (and he has released a helluva lot).

Not only is the artstyle so utterly gorgeous you want to stop the video every second just to take a screenshot you can then frame, or use as desktop background, it tells a wild, cool and often funny story.


The story of a young katana-wielding boy and a tiny devil child he picks up along his travels. A child the boy is soon taking care of, making sure she is fed, gets enough sleep and doesn’t come to any harm.

Until she suddenly finds herself surrounded by a group of strange beings who may want to hurt her, causing the boy to leap into the fight ring she has been pulled into, and annihilate anyone who braves the ring to stop him saving her.

Eventually the pair flee but the child is captured, and the boy goes into superpower fight mode to get her back.

Again the pair escape with the strange beings trying to capture them until, at the end, the boy grabs their leader and beats it to a pulp.

He and the devil child then calmly leave the fight arena, and head off on their way.

The story, art style,character design and main animation in Eve’s stunning ‘Fight Song‘ music video was carried out by mariyasu, who also directed the video.

Concept art, background art and color script is by Imari Ozaki, with composite,3DCG and VFX by tyao.

Eve himself produced the music video.

Watch Eve’s ‘Fight Song‘ music video and take note of just how beautiful every single frame of it looks, and make sure you run it right through until the end as the ending ‘bloopers’ are laugh-out-loud funny.

Fight Song‘ itself, of course, is an absolute banger. You can also hear it (again and again) via the Spotify player below the video.


Michelle Topham