Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka’ is a banger, Hatsune Miku has her own version and the video is GORGEOUS!

One of the things I love about Japanese singer Eve, other than his gorgeous songs and how prolific he is with his music, is his use of animation in all of his videos.

Animation that always perfectly tells the story of the song he is singing.

Take the latest music video from the singer — Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ (aka ‘Ultramarine Hymn‘) — a video that he uploaded to YouTube late last week. (Watch at the bottom of this article)

A video featuring gorgeous animation from Kukka, Eve’s first collaboration with this stunning artist, and one that takes place in a devastated but still beautiful world.


Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ is a helluva banger

As for the song itself, Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ is a helluva banger with superb vocals, an addictive melody, a fabulous beat and a track that will have you dancing round your kitchen just like I was on the first listen.

Then again, it’s typical Eve, isn’t it?

An incredibly talented Japanese singer who can create a song that becomes instantly addictive the first time you hear it, and then pairs it with stunning animation that just seers its way into your brain.

A singer, by the way, who has also collaborated with Vocaloid star Hatsune Miku for his latest release as, yep, Hatsune Miku’s version of ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ is also a thing.

Higher pitched than Eve’s version, of course, but with the same stunning animated video and still an absolute banger.

Yep, if you are a Hatsune Miku fan, and which Japanese pop music lover isn’t, you will love her ‘Gunjo Sanka‘, which you can also watch and listen to here.


Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ is from his newest EP Gunjo Sanka/Yuusei Boushi.

A 5-track EP that was released digitally on September 30th.

The EP features four other tracks that are all equally as beautiful as ‘Gunjo Sanka‘.

Listen to the entire EP on the Spotify player below, watch Eve’s ‘Gunjo Sanka‘ music video (and don’t miss checking out Hatsune Miku’s too — it’s fabulous!), and then become as obsessed with this latest release from one of my favorite Japanese singers as I am.

You’ll find Eve’s official website here.


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