Eve’s ‘YORUWA HONOKA’ has a ridiculously catchy melody and the animated music video is GORGEOUS!!

Is it just me that is absolutely addicted to Eve’s ‘YORUWA HONOKA‘ (aka ‘Night is Faint)’?

It is the latest release from the incredibly prolific Japanese pop singer and, just like with many of Eve’s releases, it has a ridiculously catchy melody and a beautifully danceable beat.

In fact, I’ve been dancing around my house every day to the track since I first heard it last week, as well as had it on repeat on Spotify for the last three days now.

Then again, it is another Eve song and, let’s face it, just about everything the incredibly successful Japanese singer releases is as catchy and as good.

It is no wonder then Eve’s YouTube account currently has close to 3 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views.

Yep, one billion!

Eve’s Eve’s ‘YORUWA HONOKA’ music video is also absolutely beautiful, with animation by one of my favorite artists — Zemyata. A Thai animator who has been uploading his own animated videos to YouTube since 2017.

The video also comes with English subtitles provided by translator HarapecoEN so, if you don’t speak Japanese, you still know what Eve’s ‘YORUWA HONOKA‘ is all about — in this case, about a man desperately wanting to be loved but feeling like his heart is frozen.

It also has almost 5 million views on YouTube in just the week after its release.

Watch Eve’s ‘YORUWA HONOKA‘ music video below to see why, but I’ll bet you can’t just watch it once.

After all, the song is so catchy it just begs to be listened to on repeat, Eve’s vocals are phenomenal and Zemyata’s art work is so beautiful you will want to pause every frame and just drink it all in.

In other words, along with ‘Parallel Lines‘ another superb Eve release,  just put down ‘YORUWA HONOKA’ as one of my favorite songs of 2021, and that video as one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.


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