Frankly Speaking Ep 2 audience increases but how is it performing on Netflix?

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The new JTBC drama Frankly Speaking seems to be one of those that has slipped under the radar so far, as there has not been much of a buzz since it premiered on May 1st.

JTBC did do a poor job of promoting the series and Netflix, who is streaming the K-drama internationally, hasn’t been pushing it either. (Then again, Netflix does a terrible job promoting most of its Korean content, so there’s that).

All of that is to say, whether this kind of drama is your bag or not, Frankly Speaking should be receiving a lot more attention than it is so far.

Frankly Speaking, Episode 2 ratings

According to the data from Nielsen Korea, the ratings in South Korea for Episode 2 last night improved over its first episode, with the drama grabbing 2.022 percent of the audience share — up from the 1.92 percent from its first episode.

Viewers in Seoul are watching it in smaller numbers but, even there, it managed to improve its viewership from 1.89 percent to 1.93 percent overnight.

Frankly Speaking‘s performance on Netflix

Meanwhile, on Netflix, the rom-com does seem to be grabbing audience’s attention there.

According to Flix Patrol, Frankly Speaking was in the Top 10 in 13 countries yesterday, although barely in the Top 10 (at #10) in most of them.

We will have to see how it continues to perform for the rest of the week, and if it can make it to the prestigious Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart on the streaming platform when that is released next Tuesday.

The drama stars Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na, and tells the story of a TV newscaster who suddenly develops a condition that makes him speak without thinking.

Something that is a disaster for a news announcer.

Song Ki Baek (played by Go Kyung Po) then suddenly finds himself starring in a love variety show after TV writer On Woo Ju (Kang Han Na) learns of his problem, and thinks having him on her show might be fun.

Check out the trailer for Frankly Speaking below, and watch it on Netflix.


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