G-Dragon defamers to face legal action after nail, hair, urine samples test negative for drugs

G-Dragon completely exonerated of any drug crime

I am thrilled that G-Dragon’s nail, hair, and urine samples tested negative for drugs earlier this month after the South Korean rapper was investigated by the Incheon Police drug crime unit.

Although, honestly with the way G-Dragon stridently insisted he was not guilty of a drug crime and immediately came forward offering physical evidence proving he was not, didn’t you expect the results to be negative?

What is even more satisfying, however, is that G-Dragon’s legal team is now going after those who spread lies about him via malicious posts and comments, with those people likely to face some pretty serious punishment if found guilty.

According to a representative from G-Dragon’s legal team, who is taking a non-leniency policy against defamers and doubling down on their legal threats from last month, they will be taking the strongest legal action against the rapper’s detractors.

Statement from G-Dragon’s legal team on suing rapper’s defamers

In a statement released to South Korean news media today, lawyer Kim Soo Hyun had this to say about their legal plans going forward:

We are currently taking legal action against the authors of malicious posts that defame, insult, sexually harass, spread false information, and maliciously slander Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon’s real name)

With that in mind, we are preparing to submit a number of complaints to investigative agencies by collecting evidence of acts that infringe on Kwon Ji Yong’s rights, including insults and defamation collected through our own monitoring and reports from fans, and we plan to respond with a zero-tolerance principle. 

After the complaint, we will hold the suspects accountable to the end, and take strict action without any agreement or leniency.

And, just in case you need any more clarification about the forensic results of G-Dragon’s nail, hair and urine samples, all forensic investigation was carried out by the National Institute of Forensic Science, South Korea’s highest forensic body.

Hooray for G-Dragon and his legal team, and to those spreading malicious lies, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

And now I am off to listen to some of G-Dragon’s music on Spotify, as false charges like these invariably cause even an innocent artist to lose both money and prestige.


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