G-Dragon to be exonerated of all drug charges – no evidence whatsoever of any wrong doing

It appears Christmas is coming early for Korean rapper and singer G-Dragon after South Korean police say they will not be charging him with illegal drug use.

According to various South Korean news organizations, after an extensive investigation Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Unit has concluded there is no evidence whatsoever that G-Dragon ever engaged in illegal drug use.

So much so, when the Korean rapper voluntarily provided urine, hair and fingernail samples, every sample was found to test negative for any illegal substance.

Due to this, and an investigation that was unable to find any evidence against G-Dragon, a spokesperson from the Incheon Metropolitan Police commented earlier this week that it was likely G-Dragon’s case would be concluded by the end of December.

At that time, the Korean rapper would be exonerated of all potential charges.

Meanwhile, the travel ban G-Dragon was temporarily under was also lifted in late November, just three days after his urine, nail and hair samples tested negative for illegal substances.

Considering G-Dragon always denied he engaged in any illegal drug use, the outcome is likely something he expected. (see video below)

Meanwhile, a legal representative for G-Dragon commented late last month that the rapper’s legal team would be filing lawsuits against those who knowingly spread malicious lies and false stories in an effort to defame the South Korean rapper.

The statement by lawyer Kim Soo Hyun stressed that there would be no leniency, and that anyone spreading false information would be held liable right until the end.


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