Gavin James ‘The Book of Love’ is a Sweet and Lovely Ballad: Repeat Rotation Video

gavin james
copyright Gavin James, Instagram


Irish singer songwriter Gavin James new single ‘The Book of Love‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today for two reasons.

The first, I’m talking about European singers a lot nowadays as they really need as much exposure as they can get, seeing as how the market is glutted with their American and British compatriots.

And second, because Gavin James has a gorgeous voice and ‘The Book of Love‘ is very pretty.

As for Gavin James himself, he’s from Dublin, he’s in his early 20s, yet has already won Ireland’s Choice Music Prize for ‘Song of the Year’. On top of that, his debut single called ‘Say Hello’ was on the charts in Ireland for more than six months.

Oh and British sensation Ed Sheeran promoted James on his Twitter account late last year saying ‘Record labels, if you ignore Gavin James, you are losing out’. Not a bad endorsement, I’d say. And totally worthy, of course.

Listen to Gavin James singing ‘The Book of Love‘ below. Doesn’t he have a gorgeous voice? And, if you’re in the UK, the US or the Netherlands, he’s currently on tour so check for him in your city. (tour dates on Gaving James’ website).

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