Hide Ep 12 rating lowest ever nationwide but still earns very good average ratings per episode

Photo courtesy JTBC

Hide still grabs very respectable average ratings for all 12 episodes

The series finale of the JTBC drama Hide earned its lowest ever nationwide rating when it aired in South Korea last night.

Even with that rating though, the Korean mystery suspense drama still ended up as the #1 most-watched show in its time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, Hide, Episode 12 earned 4.01 percent of the nationwide viewership on Sunday night — even lower than the rating for its first episode, which garnered 4.05 percent on March 23rd.

Even with that all-time low though, 4.01 percent is a perfectly respectable rating for a Korean drama that was never given that much publicity by JTBC, and that aired in a poor time slot.

Higher Seoul ratings for Hide, Episode 12

In Seoul the drama performed better, earning 4.63 percent, which is higher than its lowest-ever rating in that region of 4.43 percent for Episode 1, and on par with the audience share for its penultimate episode on Saturday.

All told, Hide‘s average rating per episode was also decent — grabbing an average of 4.51 percent nationwide, and a higher 5.02 percent in Seoul.

In other words, the cast and crew should be pleased with what they achieved.

Especially as the Korean drama’s lower ratings have nothing to do with its well-written scripts, its complex plot, or excellent performances by its main leads, and everything to do with airing on a Sunday with just too many other dramas airing around the same time.

Hide stars Lee Bo Young, Lee Moo Saeng, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Min Jae.

All 16 episodes of the drama are now streaming on Viki with subtitles in 13 languages for that platform’s international viewers.

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