Hide Ep 2 ratings rise – mystery intriguing, performances superb, international audiences love it

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Hide, Episode 2 ratings increase not huge but solid

As I predicted yesterday, the new Coupang TV/JTBC drama Hide ended up with a nice ratings rise for its second episode last night.

Not as big as I would have hoped, but still decent for a show that is airing on JTBC, one of the newer cable TV channels.

That rise, according to the latest data from Nielsen Korea, meant the Hide, Episode 2 ratings on Sunday night nationwide rose to 4.32 percent, which is a decent increase from the K-drama’s first episode rating of 4.05 percent on Saturday.

The ratings for the Korean mystery thriller in Seoul saw a similar increase, with the drama garnering 4.72 percent on Sunday night — up from the previous evening’s 4.43 percent in the nation’s capital.

International reactions to Hide’s first two episodes

While only a handful of people are rating Hide on both Viki, where the K-drama is streaming for international audiences, and on IMDB, the ratings on both platforms are very high.

Viki’s average rating is currently showing a 9.4 out of 10, while IMDB’s handful of viewers (so far) are currently rating the Korean mystery thriller a 9.3 out of 10.

Not bad for a Korean drama that, frankly, got very little promotion before it premiered on Saturday.

Then again, it is based on the Welsh thriller Keeping Faith, which was equally fabulous.

The Hide cast, by the way, is also excellent, featuring Lee Bo Young, Lee Moo Saeng (superb in Maestra: Strings of Truth), Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Min Jae (one of my faves in Crash Course in Romance).

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