Hide Ep 3 ratings rise again earning K-drama highest Saturday viewership yet

Photo courtesy JTBC

Hide continues to increase its audience share as well-written suspense drama continues

The Korean mystery suspense drama Hide, Episode 3 aired on JTBC to another small rise in its ratings.

That rise, according to Nielsen Korea, was to 4.33 percent nationwide, which is a slight increase from its previous episode‘s 4.32 percent.

The K-drama experienced a similar ratings result in Seoul, where it grabbed a higher 5.04 percent — up from Episode 2’s audience share of 4.72 percent.

With the Lee Bo Young-led drama continuing to see a small ratings rise as each new episode premieres, let’s hope the trend continues going forward as the thriller definitely deserves even more people watching it than it already has had.

Especially as it is very well-written (the story’s pacing and, thus, suspense-building, is superb), and the performances of all the main leads are excellent.

The Hide cast and plot

Hide is directed by Kim Dong Hwi (The Tale of Nokdu), and stars Lee Bo Young, Lee Moo SaengLee Chung Ah, and Lee Min Jae.

The Korean drama airs on both Coupang Play and JTBC on Saturday and Sunday nights.

For those of you who have yet to begin watching it, the plot of Hide goes something like this:

Na Moon Young (played by Lee Bo Young) is married to Cha Sung Jae (Lee Moo Saeng). One day Cha Sung Jae suddenly disappears.

That’s when Moon Young starts to search for her husband but, instead of finding him, begins to uncover something nefarious that may have happened to spark his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Joo (Lee Chung Ah) is neighbors with Moon Young, and may have some involvement.

There is also a man named Do Jin Woo (Lee Min Jae) who could be the person holding the key to why Cha Sung Jae’s disappeared.

The next exciting episodes (and yes it is!) of the Korean drama Hide airs on JTBC and Coupang Play tonight, with Viki streaming it in some regions internationally.

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