High Guardian Spice is a cute cartoon for little kids, but it’s not anime

The Crunchyroll Original team has been pushing the High Guardian Spice ‘anime’ for a couple of years now.


An original American cartoon (sorry, this isn’t an anime) created by Raye Rodriguez, the character designer of the Amazon Video series Danger & Eggs that was mentioned now and again when it was first in development, but then seemed to disappear from the Crunchyroll stratosphere.

With the release of a full High Guardian Spice trailer this weekend, however, it looks like this cartoon series is still on. With a release date of October 26th, it has been confirmed.

Now, I have nothing against American cartoons — Adventure Time is cute, as is Summer Camp Island — but they are not anime as they don’t have the same feel, the same aesthetic look or the same children-can-watch-them-but-they-are-even-more-appealing-to-adults premise that much of the Japanese anime released does.

Especially when it comes to the humor.

That can clearly be seen in the just released trailer for High Guardian Spice.

A series whose entire aesthetic and feel just screams “little kids”, which you must admit is a little odd as that, as far as I am aware, is not generally the main demographic of Crunchyroll viewers.

Of course, being one of those people who is all-inclusive, if Crunchyroll wants to create series that target small children, then have at it.

After all, they obviously just got a ton of money from Sony in that company’s recent takeover of the streaming platform, and they must be dying to use it.

But, if Crunchyroll viewers are expecting to see a Crunchyroll Original in the same vein as The God of High School or Fena: Pirate Princess — you know, shows that are really more for teens or adults than small children, I think most will be disappointed with High Guardian Spice.


From the trailer, however, the show does look extremely cute, as the art style is colorful and vibrant, and the voice actors are obviously acting in a way that appeals to children.

For fans of anime, however, at least from the 1:40 second trailer, I doubt High Guardian Spice will be for them.

High Guardian Spice premieres on Crunchyroll on Tuesday, October 26th, and what is nice is they are dropping all 12 episodes at once.

So, if you, or more likely your kids, enjoy the first episode, the entire first series can be binge-watched.

For me, someone who loves Japanese anime, but is very ‘meh’ about most American cartoons, I think High Guardian Spice would have ended up with a lot more traction and attention if it had premiered on Netflix or the Cartoon Network instead of on Crunchyroll.

That being said, High Guardian Spice has been created by a trans man (Raye Rodriguez), an all-female writing team, and a crew that was both 50% female and diverse when it comes to LBGTQ and race so, just due to that inclusivity alone, I do hope the show is a success.

After all it is about time people, who don’t generally get the attention straight white males get, got opportunities to create the work they are passionate about.

Watch the High Guardian Spice trailer down below. The show does look very very cute.

For little kids. Just not for me.


Michelle Topham