Im Siwan and Park Gyu Young to star in Netflix film Mantis? Kill Boksoon spin-off may be 2nd collab for duo

Im Siwan and Park Gyu Young, who are both starring in the upcoming Netflix K-drama Squid Game 2, are reportedly in talks to collaborate on a new action film titled Mantis.

If it goes into production, the film will be a Netflix exclusive.

According to reports in South Korean news media on March 29th , the two actors have been offered lead roles in Mantis, which is described as a spin-off of the action-packed movie Kill Boksoon.

That film, which starred Jeon Do Yeon as assassin Gil Bok Soon, was a big hit on Netflix, premiering at #1 on the Netflix Non-English Films chart, and remaining on the chart for 7 weeks.

The spin-off will introduce new character Mantis, who was mentioned during conversations in Kill Boksoon.

Is Netflix film Mantis in production?

Like much of the entertainment “news” that comes out of Korea, both the confirmed involvement of Im Siwan and Park Gyu Young in Mantis by some outlets is currently speculation.

Even the film has not yet been greenlit by Netflix, who responded to reports of the casting of Im Siwan and Park Guy Young by saying Mantis is one of the projects currently under consideration, but a final decision as to if it will go into production is still pending.

Meanwhile, both the agencies of Im Siwan (PLUM A&C) and Park Gyu Young (Saram Entertainment) both commented to the news that offers have been made, but that their actors are currently only considering them.

Considering Im Siwan and Park Gyu Young will be co-starring in Squid Game 2, should Mantis go ahead and they accept the roles, it will be their second project together this year.

Not something that often happens in the Korean entertainment world, but welcome nonetheless.

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