Jack Garratt dancing for 5 hours in ‘Time’ looping video shows how his anxiety circles in his head

If you are a fan of British singer songwriter Jack Garratt‘s ‘Time‘, you don’t want to miss his new video release — a music video for Garratt’s ‘Time‘ but, instead of ending around the 5:45 minute mark, the video continues — for another four hours and 54 minutes.

Four hours and 54 minutes of the song’s ending just looping and looping, and Jack Garratt dancing to it.

Yes, it’s repetitive, yes, after listening for less than 10 minutes, it might do your head in but…it is also pretty damned fabulous.

Fabulous that Jack Garratt thought “What can I do with ‘Time’ to help my fans understand how my depressions and anxieties continue this kind of circle in my head — day after day after day on into infinity ?” — and this was the result.

But not a result that is depressing or makes you anxious.

Instead it proves, even though Garratt struggles with depression, or as he calls it “a functioning sadness“, he has chosen a powerful, exuberant, cheerful piece of music to illustrate how he feels — and, to dance to.

In other words, even during the depths of his sadness, he still must feel there is always hope.

Jack Garratt’s sophomore album Love, Death & Dancing

Watch Jack Garratt’s ‘Time‘ on his five hour loop music video below.

Because, while you may not last the full five hours — everybody should see the joy Garratt embodies as he dances and how that glorious song may just help other people out of that pit they sometimes sink into too.

Time’ is the lead single from Love, Death & Dancing,  Jack Garratt’s recently released sophomore studio album.

An album that was written by Garratt after he trashed his first attempt because he thought it was terrible.

Love, Death & Dancing was written as a result of that, and as result of the intense self-doubt and anxiety he was dealing with after his debut album received so much praise.

You can listen to the album in its entirety in the Spotify player below — and, if you like what Garratt has done with ‘Time‘, you really should.



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