Jeon Yeo Been joining Jung Woo Sung in Made in Korea epic 1970s drama? Here’s everything we know

We reported on Jung Woo Sung‘s confirmed involvement in the upcoming drama series Made in Korea last month, along with the possibility Hyun Bin may also accept a starring role.

Now, according to Korean news media, it appears the predominantly film actress Jeon Yeo Been may also be starring in Made in Korea (working title).

If so, it will be one of only seven times the 34-year-old actress has appeared in a Korean drama, preferring to take mainly movie roles over her almost decade-long career.

Jeon Yeo Been’s agency, Management mmm, responded to the reports about her possible involvement in the drama earlier today saying (as these agencies usually do), she was “reviewing the casting offer positively”.

Should she accept the role, Jeon Yeo Been will reportedly be playing Oh Ye Jin, a clerk to prosecutor Jang Geon Young (played by Jung Woo Sung).

What we know about Made in Korea so far?

With little information having been released about the new Jung Woo Sung drama as yet, here is what we do know so far.

Made in Korea (Korean title 메이드 인 코리아) is being directed by Woo Min Ho (Inside Men and The Drug King).

The Korean drama will take place in the 1970s, one of the most important times for today’s modern South Korea, as it was during that time the country began to move from being still poor to the country it is today — a wealthy country with a vibrant and booming economy.

The 1970s was also an era in Korea history that was one of the most corrupt, with police officers and prosecutors struggling to destroy the corruption they found in almost all areas of life.

In Made in Korea, Jung Woo Sung will play one such prosecutor — Jang Geon Young. A man with animal-like instincts and a terrifying obsession.

The drama itself is said to feature a compelling plot, and filming done on an epic scale.

Made in Korea is scheduled to begin filming some time this summer, with Hyun Bin apparently also still positively reviewing the script.

We will keep you posted as we find out more, and as Jeon Yeo Been and Hyun Bin’s involvement is confirmed or denied.

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