K-drama Divorce Attorney Shin, E01 kicks off at #1 in its time slot in Korea

Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 1 kicked the South Korean drama off to a promising start last night premiering at #1 in its time slot both nationwide in Korea, and in Seoul.

With Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 1 ratings taking a very strong 7.2 percent of viewers in its time slot nationwide, and an even higher 8.1 percent in Seoul, that means things bode quite well for the Cho Seung Woo-led drama so far.

The audience numbers for the show’s first episode are particularly good as, unlike many dramas airing in South Korea, Divorce Attorney Shin airs on JTBC and streams on TVING.

Both are pay-to-watch services, so tend to have smaller audiences than public TV stations. Obviously.

The drama also premiered to almost double the audience of the previous drama in its JTBC time slot — Agency — so there’s that as well.

What is Divorce Attorney Shin?

The now-airing 12-episode legal drama Divorce Attorney Shin (known as 신성한 이혼 in Korea) stars Cho Seun Woo as attorney Shin Sung Han, and Han Hye Jin as his client Lee Seo Jin.

It tells the story of 40-year-old once-music-professor-and-classical-pianist-turned-divorce-attorney Attorney Shin, his clients, and his two best friends — law office manager Jang Hyung Geun (played by Kim Sung Kyun), and real estate agent Jo Jung Shik (Jung Moon Sung).

The three have been friends since middle school and, even though they may appear to be constantly bickering, they support each other through all kinds of crises in their respective lives.

Divorce Attorney Shin is based on the popular webtoon Sacred Divorce.

The drama is directed by Lee Jae Hoon (Good Manager and The Ghost Detective) , and was written by Yoo Young Ah (My Annoying Brother and Encounter).


From its first episode alone, it is also looking likely we will be treated to some pretty unique and very cool Korean music unfamiliar to most audiences outside Korea as the drama progresses, and I am definitely down for that.

Divorce Attorney Shin airs every Saturday and Sunday evenings at 22:30 (KST) on JTBC, and is also streaming internationally via Netflix.

Check out the drama’s official trailer below.


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