K-drama The Fabulous hits Netflix in December – new poster released featuring Choi Min Ho and Chae Soo Bin

While most other Korean dramas were delayed just a few days or a couple of weeks during the official mourning period for the Itaewon Halloween crush, it seems Netflix decided to delay the premiere of the upcoming K-drama The Fabulous quite a bit longer.

Due to premiere on Netflix on November 4th, the streaming service has now postponed its release until December 23rd.

The new premiere date was announced today along with a sweet new poster featuring leads Choi Min Ho who plays Ji Woo Min and Chae Soo Bin (Pyo Ji Eun).

The Fabulous is an eight-episode Netflix exclusive that follows a group of four young adults who are starting out in the competitive world of fashion.

All of them are struggling one way or another, with the freelance photographer, marketer, model and designer proving nobody has it easy in the high-level world.


But, of course, it isn’t just a glimpse into the Korean high fashion world we will get, as there will also be plenty of romance and drama to grab our attention.

The Fabulous (aka  더 패뷸러스 in South Korea) stars the aforementioned Choi Min Ho and Chae Soo Bin, along with Lee Sang Woon and Park Hee Jung.

It is directed by Kim Jung Hyun (At a Distance, Spring is Green).

Hit the Reminder button on Netflix, so you don’t miss its premiere on December 23rd, and watch the drama’s official trailer below.


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