Kang Han Na joins Cashero cast alongside Kim Byung Chul, Lee Junho, Kim Hye Joon and Kim Hyang Gi

Kang Han Na starring in Frankly Speaking on Netflix

Back in April, Netflix confirmed the main cast of the upcoming K-drama Cashero as Kim Byung Chul, Lee Junho, Kim Hye Joon and Kim Hyang Gi.

Now a fifth member of the Cashero cast — Kang Han Na — has just been confirmed as starring in the Netflix drama by her agency, KEYEAST.

It will be the second Netflix drama the 35-year-old actress will appear in this year, as she is already starring in the ongoing K-drama Frankly Speaking, which premiered on Netflix on May 1st.

Cashero tells the story of an ordinary civil servant who gains superpowers as strong as the cash he holds in his hands, and goes on to save the world with his salary.

Interestingly, Kang Han Na’s role is a character that does not appear in the original webtoon Cashero is based on.

Various South Korea entertainment news outlets are reporting that character is called Joanne, and is the daughter of a chaebol.

It is also a “villain role” for Kang Han Na, so this should be fun, eh?

Kang Han Na’s previous roles

As for Kang Han Na, she is already known for main roles in Just Between Lovers, Familiar Wife, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, My Roommate is a Gumiho, and Start-Up just to name a few.

The Korean actress has also been a frequent guest on the Korean variety show Running Man, where she has appeared in more episodes (22) than any other celebrity guest by far.

While we wait for more news on when Cashero will premiere on Netflix, watch Kang Han Na in Frankly Speaking on the streaming platform.

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