Cashero main cast is Kim Byung Chul, Lee Junho, Kim Hye Joon and Kim Hyang Gi

Photo of Cashero main cast courtesy Netflix

Since Seo In Ho, the vile husband in the smash-hit K-drama Doctor Cha, became the character I hated the most out of any dramas I have ever watched, I have avidly followed the career of the superb Korean actor Kim Byung Chul who played him.

With news out today that Kim Byung Chul is part of the main cast in the upcoming action fantasy K-drama Cashero (aka 캐셔로in Korean), I couldn’t be more thrilled as we will soon get to see the veteran actor in another interesting role.

Kim Byung Chul is starring in Cashero alongside Lee Junho (star of King the Land), Kim Hye Joon (A Shop for Killers), and Kim Hyang Gi (Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist), with Netflix releasing a main cast photo (see above) via their X account earlier today.

What is the Cashero plot?

The upcoming Netflix drama Cashero (also stylized as Ca$hero) is another South Korean superhero drama.

Based on the popular Kakao Webtoon of the same name, which was loved for its imaginative themes, characters and down-to-earth story, the Cashero plot follows government employee Kang Sang Woong (played by Lee Junho), a man who dreams of buying his own house, and who suddenly becomes a new superpower user with the ability to gain as much strength as he wants depending on the cash in his wallet and how he spends it.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Joon plays Kang Sang Woong’s long-time girlfriend Kim Min Sook.

She is a down-to-earth person who values efficiency above all else, and has a knack for numbers. She is also a loyal girlfriend who taps away at her calculator trying to help Kang Sang Woong maximize his superpowers, even when those powers are difficult to understand.

Min Sook also thinks Kang Sang Woong’s superpower is a poor one because he has to pay for his own strength, she supports and cheers him on anyway.

The aforementioned Kim Byung Chul plays Byun Ho In, a defense attorney who is also a psychic lawyer whose powers are triggered by drinking alcohol.

As the self-proclaimed head of the Korean Association of Psychics, he fights against the Buminhoe, a mysterious organization that hunts down psychics. Ho In recognizes Sang Woong’s extraordinary abilities, and proposes that they save the world together.

Finally, Kim Hyang Gi plays Bang Eun Mi, a psychic who can use telekinesis, but the strength of her powers are based on how much she eats.

Cashero is being directed by Lee Chang Min (Agency), and is written by screenwriting partners Lee Ji In and Jeon Chan Ho.

Both writers wrote Sisyphus : The Myth, which also starred Kim Byung Chul.

There is no word from Netflix when the Korean drama will premiere on the streaming platform, but with the Cashero main cast being this strong, it looks like it will be a fun one to watch when it is.

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