K-drama Perfect Family stills out – stellar cast includes Kim Byung Chul, Park Ju Hyun, and Yoon Se Ah

The first glimpses of the new Korean thriller Perfect Family have been unveiled in a set of stills.

The Perfect Family stills center around the main family in the story, headed by father Kim Byung Chul and mother Yoon Se Ah.

The K-drama is based on the Korean webtoon of the same name (완벽한 가족) written by Nyangpa, and illustrated by Joo Eun.

It is a drama with a gripping narrative that follows Seon Hee and her seemingly flawless family, but whose facade of happiness is shattered when Kyung Ho, a close friend of Seon Hee, meets an untimely demise.

A demise that almost immediately triggers a cascade of unexpected events.

At the heart of the mystery lies Choi Seon Hee (played by Park Ju Hyun), entangled in a murder investigation, and concealing her own truths.

The narrative also intricately weaves around her father, Choi Jin Hyuk (portrayed by Kim Byung Chul), and her mother, Ha Eun Joo (Yoon Se Ah).

Japanese filmmaker Yukisada Isao to direct

Notably, instead of a Korean director, Perfect Family is under the direction of master Japanese filmmaker Yukisada Isao.

He has been making waves in Japan with films like his 2020 Boys’ Love film The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, the 2010 comedy drama A Good Husband and, of course, his 2004 Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World.

Yukisada Isao first spoke about his interest in Perfect Family last year during a press conference last year:

I heard from the producer that there is an interesting webtoon in Korea, and it was a very attractive plot.

I often direct love stories in Japan, and those love stories are usually youth movies. This time, though, it’s a family story, but it’s also a very mysterious drama, so I think it could be an interesting new challenge.

The cast of K-drama Perfect Family

As you will see from the Perfect Family stills, the Korean drama features a spectacular cast, including Yoon Se Ah and Kim Byung Chul, who starred together in SKY Castle.

Since SKY Castle ended, Yoon Se Ah has starred in K-dramas Melting Me Softly, Stranger Season 2, The Road: The Tragedy of One and Snowdrop.

She also has a support role in Season 2 of the upcoming Netflix horror drama Sweet Home.

Kim Byung Chul, meanwhile, was a huge hit in last year’s Doctor Cha, and has also starred in Doctor Prisoner, Pegasus Market, and Sisyphus: The Myth.

In 2024, he is appearing in the upcoming Disney + drama Blood Free.

Park Ju Hyun, joins the pair in a main role.

Her most recent work includes dramas The Forbidden Marriage, Love All Play, Mouse, Zombie Detective and Extracurricular, for which she was awarded the New Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Awards.

Joining the trio are Kim Young Dae, Choi Ye Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Shi Woo.

Kim Myung Soo (Numbers) will also make a special appearance as a detective involved in the investigation.

Perfect Family is said to be a drama that is aimed at the younger generation, although older viewers can still watch it, and apparently features an extremely unexpected twist. (According to the production team).

The Korean drama is scheduled to premiere some time in the first half of 2024, with MBN currently in talks to stream it.

Until then, enjoy the just-released Perfect Family stills.

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