Kim Nam Gil tells fans he’s starting filming as he stars with Kim Young Kwang in Netflix thriller Trigger

Kim Nam Gil in Song of the Bandits/Kim Young Kwang in Somebody

South Korean actors Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang have been confirmed as the stars in the upcoming Netflix thriller Trigger.

But don’t get too excited yet as the Netflix original drama will not begin streaming until sometime in the first half of 2025, so we have a bit of a wait.

That being said, the plot of Trigger sounds fascinating, with Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang playing characters with completely opposing views.

Characters, I am guessing, who will eventually have to deal with each other head-on as the results of those views cannot possibly exist simultaneously.

The plot of the Netflix drama Trigger

According to Netflix, the plot of Trigger goes something like this:

An action-thriller drama about two men who are trying to solve the mess after firearms are suddenly widely available in South Korea, a formerly gun-free country, through an unknown source.

Kim Nam Gil, who just did a phenomenal job in the superb Song of the Bandits on Netflix, plays Lee Do, an Olmpic gold medalist and a former military sniper. Nowadays he is a police officer with a strong sense of justice.

On the other hand, the equally talented Kim Young Kwang plays Moon Baek, a man who is involved in the illegal firearms industry.

One of the men apparently believes nobody should have access to guns, while the other thinks guns should be available so the weak can be defended.

From the roles each actor is playing, you can probably guess which character believes what, eh?

Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang in Netflix properties

As for other Netflix properties the two South Korean actors have previously been involved in, Kim Nam Gil has only starred in one Netflix original series before — the aforementioned Song of the Bandits — which premiered on Netflix in late September this year.

Kim Young Kwang has already starred in the Netflix original series Somebody and Hello, Me!, so Trigger will be his third starring role with the streaming platform.

Meanwhile, in an interview earlier this week, Kim Nam Gil let his fans know that he was getting ready to begin filming for a new project.


Unfortunately, with the news about Trigger, it appears Kim Nam Gil’s new project is not the second season of Song of the Bandits. Damn!

As for Trigger, the upcoming K-drama is set to begin filming in November, 2023 and end sometime in May, 2024.

We will keep you posted as more updates about the new Netflix drama are released.

Until then, you can watch Kim Nam Gil in the absolutely superb Song of the Bandits on Netflix, while Kim Young Kwang’s Somebody is streaming on the same platform, and his The Fiery Priest 2 will also soon be in production.

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