Sung Joon and BIBI join The Fiery Priest 2 main cast playing drug lord and drug squad detective

Both South Korean model and actor Sung Joon (성준) and actress and singer BIBI have just been announced as joining the main cast in the much-anticipated K-drama The Fiery Priest 2.

The announcement came from actor and star of The Fiery Priest 2 Kim Nam Gil‘s own company GILSTORY ENT earlier today, with South Korean news media reporting information about the roles Sung Joon and BIBI will play.

Sung Joon’s role will have the talented Call It Love actor playing a more unusual part this time — that of new villain Kim Hong Sik, a drug lord who returns to his hometown of Busan with all kinds of nefarious things in mind.

Meanwhile, BIBI has joined the cast as a passionate drug squad detective in Busan.

The Fiery Priest 2 will again be a no-holds-barred comic investigation drama that tells the story of Kim Hae Il (played by Kim Nam Gil), a hot-blooded priest with a fiery personality and a burning sense of justice, who this time heads to Busan to investigate a major drug case.

The Fiery Priest 2 cast

All three of the main actors from the first season of the comedy drama — Kim Nam Gil, Honey Lee, and Kim Sung Kyun — are also returning to reprise their roles in The Fiery Priest 2 alongside Sung Joon and BIBI.

Sung Joon, who is also represented by GILSTORY ENT, began his acting career in 2010 with Personal Taste.

He is also known for recent roles in K-dramas like Island, Call It Love, Casting a Spell on You and Ms. Perfect, as well as in films like The Grotesque Mansion and The Villainess.

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BIBI is a relatively recent newcomer to the South Korean acting scene, having appeared in drama The Worst of Evil last year, as well as in three movies — Phantom, J-Hope in the Box and Hopeless.

This year, she is not only playing her first main lead in a drama in The Fiery Priest 2, but also has a support role in Gangnam B-Side.

The Fiery Priest 2 is again written by screenwriter Park Jae Bum, with assistant director from The Fiery Priest taking over as director for The Fiery Priest 2.

The drama is scheduled to premiere some time in the second half of 2024.

We will keep you posted as we find out more.

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