Kim You Jung to star in Dear X as a sociopathic actress? Here’s what we know about the drama and her role

Kim You Jung starring in My Demon – photo courtesy SBS

While we don’t have a lot of details on this piece of news, what we do know is that Korean actress Kim You Jung is currently in talks to star in a drama based on the hit webtoon Dear X.

Her agency, Awesome Entertainment, responded to news reports about the role offer earlier today, simply stating:

Dear X is one of several projects Kim You Jung has received an offer to star in. She is currently considering which one of them will be her next project.

Any possible co-stars in Dear X have not yet been named.

Meanwhile, the webtoon itself is currently available via the official Webtoon website/app, if you want an idea about the role Kim You Jung may play.

They also have this to say about the plot:

Ajin Baek is an actress at the top of her game. She has everything. She’s a beautiful, award-winning actress, the public loves her, and she’s about to announce that she’s getting married.

But on the night of the award ceremony, a news program exposes the darkness behind Ajin’s glittery exterior. Just how far was Ajin willing to go to get to where she is now?

Yep, it is quite a tragically dark plot featuring abuse, violence, and a sociopathic actress who is far more evil than her initial personality seems.

Particularly when it comes to manipulating everyone around her to get what she wants.

Now don’t you think a role like that could be an interesting change of pace for Kim You Jung?

An actress who, of course, is right off the back of the massively popular drama My Demon, and the Netflix show Chicken Nugget (both roles where she was incredibly sweet)  and who also recently starred in Lovers of the Red Sky, Backstreet Rookie and Love in the Moonlight.

Dear X is being directed by Lee Eung Bok (Sweet Home), and written by Choi Ja Won.

The Korean drama will begin filming some time later in the year.

We will keep you posted on Leo Sigh as soon as information about co-stars and the filming and release schedule is announced.

Meanwhile, you can watch the incredibly talented actress in My Demon on Netflix, and in Chicken Nugget on the same platform.

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