Knight Flower Ep 5 soars back to double digits for best ratings yet

Photo courtesy MBC TV

After last week’s lowest ever rating for Knight Flower (due to a football game airing on a different channel), the Korean comedy action drama was back with its best rating yet last night.

A nationwide rating that, according to Nielsen Korea, soared from Episode 4’s lowest ever 7.9 percent to Knight Flower, Episode 5’s rating of 11.4 percent.

A large increase of 3.5 percent.

In Seoul, the MBC drama earned an even higher 12.0 percent rating, up from the previous episode’s all-time low of 7.2 percent.

In other words, it shows how a football game can devastate a drama’s ratings, doesn’t it?

The international success of Knight Flower

The romantic comedy drama has also seen popularity with international fans since it premiered earlier this month.

Users of the Asian drama-focused website My Drama List are currently rating the series an 8.2 out of 10, with anything over an 8.0 being a strong rating for that site.

IMDB users, albeit a small number, are also rating Knight Flower with a strong 8.1 out of 10.

And on Viki, where the Korean drama is streaming for international subscribers, it is currently scoring a crazy high 9.5 out of 10.

Knight Flower stars the excellent cast of Lee Hanee, Lee Jong Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Lee Ki Woo.

It follows the story of a long-time widow who, during the day is as refined and somber as she is expected to be, but at night dons dark clothing and a mask and heads out into the night in an effort to help people in need.

The K-drama’s next episode will air on MBC tonight followed by streaming on Viki.

Let’s see how if it can beat last night’s highest ever rating.

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