Korean film Exhuma on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD with English subtitles – Pre-order now

Cast of Exhuma celebrating 11 million admissions — and a cardboard cutout of Lee Do Hyun

Just in case you missed this, an official North American release of the Korean horror film Exhuma will be out later this year on both DVD and Blu-ray, with a pre-order already up on Amazon.

The release has been licensed by independent distributor of Asian films, Well GO USA Entertainment, with both the Exhuma DVD and Blu-ray releases happening on October 8th, 2024.

Well GO USA, of course, also licensed Exhuma for its theatrical distribution in North America.

The Exhuma pre-order is already up on sites like Amazon (DVD here, and Blu-ray here), with the DVD currently being sold for $24.98, and the Blu-ray release for $29.88.

With that small of a price difference between the DVD and the Blu-ray, it is well worth grabbing the better quality release.

Or you could even buy the Exhuma 4K UHD version for even higher definition at $34.98.

Exhuma stats

Exhuma, of course, is the South Korean runaway smash hit supernatural horror movie that is currently the highest grossing Korean film released in 2024. and the 16th highest grossing Korean film of all-time.

According to Korean Film, Exhuma has earned almost 12 million admissions (11,908,847) in South Korea since its release on February 22nd, and grossed almost $84.5 million ($84,420,526).

Its closest rival, The Roundup: Punishment has garnered almost 1.2 million fewer admissions (10,793,186) and grossed $75,672,825 — obviously still incredibly successful but, so far, falling short of the astounding success of Exhuma.

The official synopsis for Exhuma goes like this:

When a renowned shaman (played by Kim Go Eun) and her protégé (Lee Do Hyun) are hired by a wealthy, enigmatic family, they begin investigating the cause of a disturbing supernatural illness that affects only the first-born children of each generation.

With the help of a knowledgeable mortician (Yoo Hai Jin) and the country’s most revered geomancer (Choi Min Sik), they soon trace the affliction’s origin to a long-hidden family grave located on sacred ground.

Sensing an ominous aura surrounding the burial site, the team opts to exhume and relocate the ancestral remains immediately. But as something much darker emerges, they soon discover what befalls those who dare to mess with the wrong grave.

Mark your calendars for October 8th, and remind yourself just how good the film is with the trailer below.


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