The Roundup : Punishment passes 1 million admissions for box office opening – Ma Dong Seok plans 4 more films

Photo courtesy Ma Dong Seok Instagram

The Roundup : Punishment most successful film in franchise so far?

Well, this is interesting.

The new Ma Dong Seok action crime film The Roundup: Punishment has just passed 1 million admissions in South Korea during its opening weekend.

South Korean entertainment news media is reporting The Roundup: Punishment attracted over 820,000 moviegoers on its first day of release.

By Day two, that number was well over 1 million admissions.

That could end up making it the most successful film in The Roundup series so far, as the franchise’s previous film The Roundup: No Way Out grabbed 720,000 moviegoers its first weekend last year.

Of course, it still isn’t anywhere close to Exhuma‘s opening weekend, which attracted 1,963,577 admissions, but it’s a damned good performance for a Roundup film.

Ma Dong Seok plans four more Roundup films

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, the film’s star Ma Dong Seok confirmed he was currently working on the fifth installment of a planned eight for The Roundup franchise.

He told a group media interview audience:

It has been a dream of mine to develop a film franchise since the inception of the first movie, and I’m grateful to see it keep going.

I would say he’s created a damn good one, wouldn’t you?

He also humbly commented his only goal for The Roundup: Punishment was for it to “reach its break-even point”.

That point is just over 3 million admissions, which the film will likely grab soon. Yay!

The Roundup: Punishment follows cop Ma Seok Do (played by Ma Dong Seok) as he pursues global drug kingpin Baek Chang Ki (Kim Moo Yeol) and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, Jang Dong Cheol (Lee Dong Hwi) in an attempt to stop their money laundering operation.

The Roundup: Punishment is due to release in movie theaters in the United States on May 3rd.

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