Ma Dong Seok #1 on February Actor Brand Reputation Rankings due to Badland Hunter and The Roundup: Punishment

Ma Dong Seok tops second brand reputation rankings chart this month

With the Korean movie Badland Hunters performing so well on Netflix worldwide, it probably isn’t any surprise that the film’s star Ma Dong Seok is #1 on the February Actor Brand Reputation Rankings list.

Well, that and that the 52-year-old actor is also starring in the movie The Roundup: Punishment, which was screened at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival on February 23rd.

The Top 30 actors on the list were just announced, with Ma Dong Seok at #1, just like he was for the Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings list that came out earlier in the month.

The rankings are released every month by the Korean Business Research Institute, this time after assessing the media coverage, participation, interaction, and community indexes of 100 actors between the period of January 27th and February 27th.

Unlike the Movie Star rankings, which only considers actors appearing in films, the Actor Brand Reputation Rankings includes actors who perform in films, dramas and OTT content.

So any actor is eligible to appear in the rankings.

Top 10 actors on the February Actor Brand Reputation Rankings

Other actors featured in the Top 10 include Choi Min Shik at #2 due to his work in the current hit film Exhuma (the most popular film in Korea right now), Son Suk Ku at #3 due to his current project the hit K-drama A Killer Paradox, Honey Lee at #4 due to her recently ended K-drama Knight Flower and her new film Alienoid: Return to the Future, and Lee Yi Kyung at #5 (Marry My Husband).

Finishing out the Top 10 are Song Kang at #6 (My Demon and Sweet Home Season 2), Song Ha Yoon at #7 (Marry My Husband), Na In Woo at #8 (Marry My Husband), Park Min Young at #9 (Marry My Husband), and Shin Hye Sun at #10 (Welcome to Samdalri).

You will find the full list of the Top 30, along with the brand reputation index scores of the Top 5, including Ma Dong Seok’s, via Soompi.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong Seok’s hit film Badland Hunters is streaming via Netflix. His listed name on that film is his western name Don Lee. (Weird, but there ya go!)

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