Shin Hye Sun #1 in February Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings

Photo of Shin Hye Sun in Welcome to Samdalri to illustrate the article Shin Hye Sun #1 on February Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings

Shin Hye Sun #1 on second reputation rankings list in just over a week

Just a week ago Korean actress Shin Hye Sun was #1 in the January Actor Brand Reputation Rankings. This week, Shin Hye Sun is #1 in the February Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings.

Yes, two completely different sets of rankings but… Shin Hye Sun is still at the top of both.

The just released February Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings look at actors who are specifically starring in dramas, rather than those who are starring in films or other acting projects.

Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings compiled from specific data on 50 actors

As always, the list is compiled from what the Korean Business Research Institute calls “data from media coverage, participation, interaction, and community indexes”, with this month’s ranking using data about 50 actors who appeared in Korean dramas between January 6th and February 6th.

Shin Hye Sun is #1 in the rankings due to her work in the recently ended hit drama series Welcome to Samdalri, which the Korean actress starred in alongside Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook, by the way, was 10th in the rankings this month.

Shin Hye Sun beat out these actors for the top spot

Other actors appearing in the Top 5 in the rankings are Song Ha Yoon at #2 due to her work in Marry My Husband, Honey Lee was in the #3 spot for her role in the ongoing Knight Flower, Na In Woo was at #4 for his role in Marry My Husband, and Kim Yoo Jung who recently starred in My Demon was at #5.

The Top 10 was completed by Park Min Young (Marry My Husband) at #6, Song Kang (My Demon) at #7, Lee Yi Kyung (Marry My Husband) at #8, Lee Jong Won (Knight Flower) at #9 and finishing out the Top 10 the aforementioned Ji Chang Wook (Welcome to Samdalri).

Don’t forget the Film Actor Brand Reputation Rankings for February will be on their way soon as well so, if your favorite actor isn’t in the Top 10 in this list, they may be in the next one.

Meanwhile, enjoy the snippet below of #1 drama actor for this month — Shin Hye Sun — in Welcome to Samdalri.

The drama itself is streaming via Netflix. And yep, it is one of the best K-dramas of 2023, and Shin Hye Sun is fabulous in it.


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