Lee Jeung Un, Jung Eun Ji and Choi Jin Hyuk to star in body-switch drama She’s Different Day and Night for JTBC

Some cool news broke late yesterday as JTBC unveiled the star-studded cast members for their new weekend drama She’s Different Day and Night (working title) — they are Lee Jung Eun, Jung Eun Ji, and Choi Jin Hyuk.

She’s Different Day and Night is a romantic comedy about job applicant, Im Soon, who is suddenly trapped in a 50-year-old woman’s body during the day, and then reverts to her 20-something body at night, and talented prosecutor Gye Ji Woong who gets caught up in her life.

Lee Jung Eun (A Bloody Lucky Day) plays Im Soon at 50, while Jung Eun Ji (Work Later, Drink Now) is the woman who reverts back to her 20s at night.

Both situations that, in a strange way work for both women, as Im Soon is a young woman who can accomplish amazing things in just 24 hours, but who has never been able to get the type of jobs she would like due to not being old enough or “properly qualified”.

That all changes when she is suddenly 50 years old during the day time, as she uses that opportunity to get the job she has always wanted.

Meanwhile, her 20-something self can only enjoy her life at night. And she does.

Choi Jin Hyuk (Numbers) is Gye Ji Woong, a highly educated, workaholic of a prosecutor who specializes in drug investigations and who becomes involved with Im Soon both day and night — while being completely unaware she is the same woman.

This wacky-sounding drama is written by Park Ji Ha (Good Casting), and directed by Lee Hyung Min (From Now On, Showtime!), and looks like it could be the perfect vehicle for both Lee Jung Eun and Jung Eun Ji to show off their superb acting skills.

Plus, while Choi Jin Hyuk often plays more straight-laced parts like this, I have a feeling he may just end up being adorable in it.

She’s Different Day and Night is due to premiere on JTBC in June.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes out.

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