Lee Ji Hoon starring in The Impossible Heir and you don’t have to wait long to see him

Lee Ji Hoon in Sponsor

Exciting news dropped earlier today as we learned Korean actor Lee Ji Hoon is set to dazzle our small screens once again after being absent from K-dramas since his lead role in Sponsor in early 2022.

His agency P&B Entertainment confirmed today that the 35-year-old actor has grabbed a lead role in the upcoming K-drama, The Impossible Heir.


Even better?

The Korean drama will hit our screens in just a few weeks, as it is scheduled for the last week of this month, so you don’t have long to wait either.

What is The Impossible Heir all about?

Picture this: an illegitimate son of a Korean conglomerate on a mission to climb the ladder of society and seize control of the family business, with the helping hand of his ambitious childhood friend.

Sounds like the right recipe for a gripping and very satisfying drama, right?

As you might expect too, Lee Ji Hoon isn’t going solo on this current drama adventure either.

The talented actor is also joined by the previously announced all-star cast of Lee Jae Wook (fresh off his guest role in Death’s Game), Lee Jun Young (currently starring in the hit Netflix film Badland Hunters), and Hong Su Zu (Sweet Home, Season 2) in her first lead role.

What part is Lee Ji Hoon playing in The Impossible Heir?

In The Impossible Heir, Lee Ji Hoon is playing the role of Kang Sung Joo.

Sung Joo is the conglomerate group’s second son, and someone who has a lot of power.

Behind the scenes, we also have some serious talent helping maximize the chances of the K-drama being a hit.

Director Min Yeon Hong, known for Missing: The Other Side and Insider is at the helm, while scriptwriter Choi Won, the screenwriter behind movies Miss Butcher and Baby & I, is weaving the story magic.

If you are looking for your 2024 to include more Lee Ji Hoon, you will also be happy to know the actor is also starring in the new film Baeksoo Apartment later this year, along with Kyung Soo Jin, Go Gyu Pil and Kim Joo Ryoung.

Meanwhile though, mark your calendars for February 28!

That is when The Impossible Heir premieres on Disney+.

Until then, you can watch/rewatch Lee Ji Hoon in Sponsor, My Worst Neighbor, The Legend of the Blue Sea and others via Viki.