Lee Young Ae confirmed as starring in Maestra based on French drama Philharmonia

We reported way back in November that Korean actress Lee Young Ae was rumored to be starring in the upcoming drama Maestra but, at that time, all her agency would say was that she was “considering the offer”.

Fast forward almost five months, and this week it has finally been confirmed Lee Young Ae will be starring in the lead role of Cha Se Eum in the mystery thriller Maestra.

The drama series has already begun filming.

The now 52-year-old veteran actress will play a woman who has been hired to take over as conductor of a major orchestra. In her former life as a violinist, she wasn’t well-liked, but she is serious about saving the ailing orchestra.

In that regard, she chooses a young violinist (played by Hwang Bo Reum Byeol) to help her, but soon after begins to wonder if that was a mistake?

The Korean drama Maestra is a remake of a French drama called Philharmonia. A drama that was summarily panned by most critics due to its over the top, incredibly silly plot.

Let’s hope the Korean production team manage to take that same story and turn it into something worth watching as, yep, I had the misfortune of seeing the first episode of Philharmonia, and I couldn’t sit through another five episodes of that.

Although, with Lee Young Ae in the lead role in the Korean version of the story, at least there will be one thing that holds my attention.

Maestra is scheduled to release either later this year or early next, depending on production and TV schedules. When it does, the drama will air on tvN in Korea.

And, just in case you’re interested in what you might expect, watch the trailer for Philharmonia — the French version of the story — and you’ll quickly see the term “high drama” doesn’t even cover it.


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