Listen to Alejandro Sanz’s ‘La Despedida’ from Bullet Train — El Lobo’s song

Spanish singer songwriter Alejandro Sanz’s ‘La Despedida‘ (aka ‘The Farewell‘) was one of the songs written specifically for the new Brad Pitt movie Bullet Train.

The film was released in the U.S. yesterday.

The Spanish language song was played in the movie as El Lobo’s story is being told.

Sanz’s ‘La Despedida‘ was written by composer Dominic Lewis (The King’s Man), who also spent more than a year writing the movie score plus some of the songs played on it.

He wrote ‘La Despedida‘ especially for the character of the Wolf.

The track is a guitar-driven song that is quite unusual for Spanish superstar Alejandro Sanz to sing.

That is because Sanz is known for generally writing and performing his own songs, and because the song is more a grunge rock song than the ballads we are used to hearing from him.

Not that that makes the song or Sanz any less cool.

Listen to Alejandro Sanz’s ‘La Despedida‘ from Bullet Train in the video below, and on the movie’s official soundtrack.

A soundtrack that also features songs from ABBA, Engelbert Humperdinck, INXS and UPSAHL.


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