Listen to Alison Moyet’s ‘Is This Love?’ from All of Us Strangers as Adam spends time with his parents

The utterly superb gay romance/fantasy romance/I don’t know what that was All of Us Strangers is not only a brilliantly touching film, it also features some superb songs on its soundtrack.

Older, indie British pop songs including ‘The Power of Love‘, and Alison Moyet’s ‘Is This Love?

The latter being played early on in the film when Adam goes to see his parents, and hangs out with them at their house.

Parents who have been dead for decades, as they both died in a car crash when Adam was still a child.

The song is heard as Adam’s dad plays it on the record player, as the three of them talk about Adam being afraid of fireworks as a child, and as his parents dance to the song and he looks on smiling.

When was Alison Moyet’s ‘Is This Love?‘ released?

British singer songwriter Alison Moyet’s ‘Is This Love?‘ was the lead single from her second solo studio album Raindancing, which was released in April, 1987 via CBS Records.

The song became a huge hit in Europe almost immediately, ranking high on almost 15 European music charts as well as hitting #3 on the UK Singles chart.

But, when ‘Is This Love?‘ was released as the first single from the U.S. album release,  surprisingly it did not chart in America.

The music video for the song, however, did get attention on MTV, eventually ending up in the cable music channel’s break-out rotation.

The track itself was written by Alison Moyet alongside the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

Although Stewart had his song credit published under the assumed name Jean Guiot, as he didn’t want to have problems with the publisher he had a contract with at the time.

Listen to Alison Moyet’s ‘Is This Love?‘ as played on All of Us Strangers in its official music video, and via her Raindancing album on Spotify.

It is a catchy track that shows off Moyet’s stunning voice to perfection.

One of the best British female singers to come out of that country in the last 50 years, I might add, and one still so sadly underrated.

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