Listen to Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time’ from The Buccaneers S1 Ep4 as Patti gets up and tidies the house

The alternative country music song playing on the latest episode of The Buccaneers this week was Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time‘.

That quite surprising song, even for that drama, was heard as the episode began, and we see Patti wake up, get out of bed and go through the house tidying up.

The track ends as she opens the curtains wide, and stares out of the window smiling quietly to herself.

Who is Angel Olsen and when did the singer’s ‘Big Time‘ come out?

As some people may not be familiar with Angel Olsen or her music, let’s start there.

Angel Olsen is an American alternative country, indie folk song singer songwriter who has been releasing music since her debut EP — Strange Cacti — came out in 2011.

After being a member of a local band in her home town of St. Louis, Missouri, Olsen moved to Chicago and began her professional career as a backing vocalist for country rock singer Bonnie “Prince” Billy, but soon went on to become a solo artist.

In the last decade, the still independent musician has released six full-length studio albums, with Big Time her latest coming out last year.

Olsen has also recorded and released two compilation albums, a collaborative album, five EPs and more than 25 singles, all of which experienced varying degrees of success.

The singer has been nominated for several music awards during her decade-long career, and is the recipient of a Libera Award for her 2016 album My Woman.

Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time‘ is the title track, and the second single from the singer’s sixth studio album of the same name.

The single came out in April, 2022, and hit #32 on the Adult Alternative Airplay chart in the United States.

The album it came from was also named as one of the Best Albums of 2022 on a massive number of high-profile critics’ lists.

Listen to Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time’ as heard on The Buccaneers this week below, and it should be simple to hear why.

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