Listen to Anna of the North’s ‘Someone Special’ from The Resident, Season 4, Episode 2

Norwegian singer songwriter Anna of the North‘s music is popping up on TV more and more in recent years. So much so, Anna of the North’s ‘Someone Special‘ was one of the tracks featured on the Fox medical drama series The Resident last night — The Resident, Season 4, Episode 2, “Mina’s Kangaroo Court“.

Her song was the track playing as Nic tells Conrad she is pregnant, and continues as the pair tell each other what awesome parents they are going to be.

Anna of the North’s ‘Someone Special‘ is the third single the Norwegian singer released in 2020. It is from her five-track EP Believe.

As for Anna of the North, the moniker started out in 2014 as the name of an electropop/dreampop duo comprising Anna Lotterud and producer Brady Daniell-Smith.

The pair stayed together releasing several singles and a debut album — Lovers — in 2017.

In 2018, however, Daniell-Smith left the duo and Anna of the North morphed into becoming the moniker of a solo artist. She released the second Anna of the North album, and her solo debut album, called Dream Girl in 2019. (continue reading and listen to Anna of the North’s ‘Someone Special‘ after the promo break below…)

Anna of the North’s ‘Believe’ cover is a slow, dreamy, gorgeous version of the Cher classic (music video)

Since she became a solo act, Anna of the North has not only amassed even more songs, she has also come to the attention of more and more TV show music supervisors.

To the extent, her songs have been featured on series like Catfish: The TV Show, This Way Up, Siesta Key, Never Have I Ever and, this year, The Resident.

Listen to Anna of the North’s ‘Someone Special’ as heard on The Resident on Spotify and on the song’s official music video below.

That video begins with Anna sitting in a bath and then wrapped in a bath towel, videotaping herself in the mirror. That theme continues throughout the video, with Anna either seeing herself through the lens of a camera or through the lens of someone shooting her.

Possibly proving to herself, and to everyone watching, she is indeed ‘someone special’.


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