Listen to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Bad Girl’, No, Not in ‘Suicide Squad’ But Should Have Been — Repeat Rotation Video

avril lavigne bad girl

Remember that awesome Avril Lavigne song ‘Bad Girl‘, from her 2013 self-titled album?

Well, there was a rumour running around the Internet that ‘Bad Girl’ was going to show up on the movie soundtrack for the just released Suicide Squad. After all, it’s the perfect description for the Joker’s crazy girlfriend Harley Quinn. Especially when Marilyn Manson adds his growling vocals to the track.

As is often the case with rumours online, however, this one sadly turned out not to be true, as the Suicide Squad soundtrack was released the same day as the movie and, no, Avril didn’t appear anywhere near either of them.

But Avril Lavigne’s ‘Bad Girlis my Repeat Rotation Video today just because the track should have been featured in Suicide Squad. It really is that awesome.

And because, some days, I’d rather think of myself as a ‘bad girl’ than the responsible adult I mostly end up being. And today is one of those days.

After all, don’t bad girls have a lot more fun?

Besides, when have you hear Avril Lavigne being this overtly rude, crude and sexual? Come on, it’s fabulous.

Listen to Lavigne and Manson luxuriating in their bad girl in the video below. It really is a rocking song. Too bad the folks that created Suicide Squad couldn’t quite see it that way.

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