Listen to Brandi Carlile’s ‘Home’ from Ted Lasso S3 E11 end credits – is Ted going back to America or staying?

With so many utterly superb songs being featured on the Ted Lasso soundtrack this week, it is hard to choose a standout track as they are all fabulous in their own right (well, Sam Ryder’s new Queen-style release is probably the standout from the episode but…)

That includes the song played on the Ted Lasso, Season 3, Episode 11 end credits.

That song was American indie folk rock singer’s Brandi Carlile’s ‘Home‘, and is a new single from the Washington State native having been released just yesterday.

The song, of course, is not an original Brandi Carlile song but, instead, a song that was first performed on the now iconic Broadway musical The Wiz back in the 1970s.

Stephanie Mills, who played Dorothy in the musical, was the first singer to perform the track, but the one most people are probably familiar with is the version sung by the legendary Diana Ross on the film remake of the Broadway musical.

Home‘, of course, begins with the lyrics:

Think of home
When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing
I wish I was home, I wish I was back there with the things I’ve been knowing

And, again, I am asking just like I did when talking about Sam Ryder’s ‘Fought & Lost earlier, a song that also played on Ted Lasso just before ‘Home‘,  is ‘Home‘ a hint to the audience Ted will tell Rebecca he has decided to go home to America or, like the lyrics of ‘Fought & Lost‘ suggest, will he be back ‘the same time, same place next year”?

It is a conundrum which message the Ted Lasso producers are conveying, isn’t it?

Guess we will find out in the season finale, which airs on Apple TV Plus next week.

Meanwhile, listen to Brandi Carlile’s ‘Home‘ from the Ted Lasso end credits this week on the Spotify player and in the video, and make up your own mind.


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