Listen to Brandi Carlile’s ‘When You’re Wrong’ from Grey’s Anatomy, Season 18, Episode 15

Photo: ABC

American singer songwriter and producer Brandi Carlile’s ‘When You’re Wrong‘ was played on last night’s episode of Grey’s AnatomyGrey’s Anatomy, Season 18, Episode 15, “Put It To The Test“.

The sweet-sounding but incredibly sad song is from Brandi Carlile‘s seventh studio album In These Silent Days.

That album was released in late 2021 on the Elektra and Low Country Sound record labels.

The album was not only critically acclaimed, with some critics calling it the best release of her long career, it also hit #1 on both the U.S Folk Albums and Top Rock Albums chart in the United States.

In These Silent Days also charted in six other countries, including Austria, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

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A slew of critics also placed In These Silent Days on their Best of 2021 lists, including Spin, Rolling Stone, Variety, Good Morning America, Billboard and AllMusic.

The singer herself is the recipient of nine Grammy Awards, and is now one of the most-nominated women in the history of the music organization.

In These Silent Days earned the folk rock alternative country singer seven more Grammy Award nominations.

Listen to Brandi Carlile’s ‘When You’re Wrong‘ from that album and from last night’s episode of the long-running drama series Grey’s Anatomy in the video below, and on Carlile’s latest album.


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