Listen to Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day of My Life’ from Superman & Lois, Season 3, Episode 1

American indie rock band Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day of My Life‘ was one of the stellar tracks played on Superman & Lois last night — Superman & Lois, Season 3, Episode 1, “Closer“.

Yep, the hit superhero drama series is back on The CW, and likely to be just as popular as its first two seasons.

Especially if the show’s music supervisor chooses tracks like those played on its first episode.

Tracks like Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day of My Life‘, which brings back a lot of memories, good and bad, for many of the people hearing it, including me.

As, strangely, ‘First Day of My Life‘ seems to be connected with many people’s romance stories. Stories and memories they think about every time they hear it.

No wonder then that it was used in Superman & Lois at the birthday party, as Lois is showing a collection of photos and videos of the boys as they grew up.

Memories, eh? Beautiful to think about, but also sad. Something that ‘First Day of My Life‘ encompasses perfectly.

The song itself was released as a single from the band’s sixth studio album I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, which came out in 2010 via the Saddle Creek label.

It went on to be certified Silver in the UK and Gold in the U.S., and has since been featured on a number of critics’ Best of.. lists.

The indie pop track has also been popular with TV show music supervisors, which isn’t surprising as it is a song with such deep emotion, but one that appears so simple on first listen.

Listen to Bright Eyes’ ‘First Day of My Life‘ as heard on last night’s Superman & Lois in the video, and on the band’s I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning album.

It really is the loveliest of things.


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