Listen to Brooklyn Duo’s ‘Drag Me Down’ from Grey’s Anatomy — Beautiful


Cello and piano duo Brooklyn Duo’s ‘Drag Me Down’ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy last night — Season 13, Episode 8, “The Room Where It Happens“. The track is an instrumental cover of One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down‘. It was played during the opening montage when the staff prepare the OR for surgery, and Meredith, Stephanie and Owen scrub in.


As for Brooklyn Duo, they couldn’t be more obvious with their name — they’re a musical duo from Brooklyn, consisting of man and wife Marnie and Patrick Laird, and they play instrumental cover versions of popular songs.

Watch the official video and listen to Brooklyn Duo’s ‘Drag Me Down‘ below. It’s very pretty, and gives the track a whole different feel than the original.

Michelle Topham