Listen to Brown Bird’s ‘Bilgewater’ the cool Resident Alien theme song

With the latest season of Resident Alien premiering this week, I was reminded once again why I like the show’s official theme song — ‘Bilgewater‘ by Brown Bird — and its bluesy, upbeat sound.

On this week’s latest episode — Resident Alien, Season 1, Episode 3, “Lone Wolf” — ‘Bilgewater‘ was heard as the Resident Alien theme song, and then continues playing as we see Harry heading to work, and as he talks about always being alone back on his own planet.

On Earth, however, humans are social creatures, but are also not as intelligent as those on his own planet — or so he thinks.

The cool bluegrass track is heard again in the background as we see Joseph at the station drinking his coffee.

When was Brown Bird’s ‘Bilgewater‘ released?

The song first came out in 2011 on the duo’s Salt For Salt album, via the Supply and Demand indie record label.

Bilgewater‘ was written by Americana/folk group Brown Bird’s David Lamb, and is a song about overcoming diversity, with lyrics like:

In spite of all the wherewithal
To fight it all I will face it all
In spite of all the wherewithal
To fight it all I’ll embrace it all

Lamb himself overcame diversity when he was diagnosed with leukemia, but overcame it after a bone marrow transplant.

The leukemia returned just a year later, however, and Lamb sadly died in April, 2014.

Brown Bird, which comprised Lamb and his wife MorganEve Swain, ceased after his death.

Listen to Brown Bird’s ‘Bilgewater‘, the Resident Alien theme song, via the duo’s Salt for Salt, and in the video.

Now that’s not a bad legacy to leave behind, is it?

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