Listen to Cat Power’s ‘Troubled Waters’ from Castle Rock, Season 2, Episode 10, “Clean”

American singer songwriter Cat Power’s ‘Troubled Waters‘ was featured on the new episode of Hulu’s Castle Rock this week — Castle Rock, Season 2, Episode 10, “Clean” (aired on 11th December, 2019).

The song was heard as we see Nadia and Abdie in the cave.

Cat Power’s ‘Troubled Waters‘ was from the indie rock/folk rock singer’s fifth studio album The Covers Record.  Released in 2000 on the Matador Records label, The Covers Record was an album of cover songs except for one original.

Covers range from songs by Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones to the Velvet Underground and Johnny Mathis.

Power’s gorgeous cover of ‘Troubled Waters‘ was from an original song by Hollywood actress and singer Mae West and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, which was released on West’s 1996 album I’m No Angel.

The Covers Record is an acoustic album, with Peters singing and accompanying herself on guitar or piano on all but one song.

While Matador did not promote the album very much upon release, as they had wanted another album of original work after the enormous success of Power’s previous release Moon Pix, it did ultimately find its niche.

So much so, it was lauded by various critics as one of their favorite cover albums of all time.

Listen to Cat Power’s ‘Troubled Waters‘ cover from Castle Rock in the video below, and on her album The Covers Record in the Spotify player below that.

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