Listen to Charles Aznavour’s ‘For Me Formidable’ from French Girl film opening scenes

The new Zach Braff movie French Girl is out and, along with its quite predictable plot, the film does feature a couple of unpredictable songs.

Although, the song that plays the song in over the opening scenes as Gordon is trying to make Eggs Benedict for Sophie, is the definition of predictable, when it comes to a romantic comedy about an American guy falling in love with a Qu├ębecois woman.

That song is the legendary French singer Charles Aznavour’s ‘For Me Formidable‘, which began playing as soon as the movie began, and played through the scenes of Gordon burning toast, massacring poached eggs, and slopping mayonnaise on his Eggs Benedict as a “sauce”.

When was Charles Aznavour’s ‘For Me Formidable‘ released?

The song is a classic French pop song that the now-late singer released on his 10th studio album Qui? in 1963, which came out on the French label Barclay.

The romantic track, which features a lovely mix of both French and English lyrics, was written by Jacques Plante & Charles Aznavour about the feelings a man has when he thinks about the woman he loves.

It also explains his frustration with how, no matter how much he loves her, he feels like he isn’t able to express his feelings in a way that would really make her understand.

Listen to Charles Aznavour’s ‘For Me Formidable‘ as played during the intro to French Girl in the music video, and on his Qui? album on Spotify.

The number of streams this 1960s song has had on Spotify (almost 53 million) shows just how popular the classic French track still seems to be.

French Girl is now streaming via Amazon Prime Video in some regions.


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