Listen to Clay and Kelsy’s ‘Three Little Birds’ from The Morning Show S3 E10 final scene and end credits

Clay and Kelsy’s ‘Three Little Birds‘ feat. Elder Sister was one of the songs played on the season finale of the increasingly woke TV show The Morning Show this week — The Morning Show, Season 3 • Episode 10: ‘The Overview Effect’.

A drama whose first season was brilliant but nowadays, I must admit, one that I fast forward through just to get to the music as the politics of the show are nauseating. (It is so easy to see how Korean dramas have now completely overtaken most of what comes out of Hollywood, isn’t it?)

That being said, The Morning Show does still feature some stellar songs on its soundtrack.

Including the aforementioned Clay and Kelsy’s ‘Three Little Birds‘ feat. Elder Sister, which began playing over the final scene between Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and then over the show’s end credits.

When was Clay and Kelsy’s ‘Three Little Birds released?

As you likely know, ‘Three Little Birds‘ was a Bob Marley-written and released song that, in the more than 45 years since its release, has gone on to become one of the Jamaican musician’s most recognized and most loved songs.

The track was written for the band Bob Marley and the Wailers’ ninth studio album Exodus, which came out in 1977.

An album that has been called “one of the best albums ever released” by numerous music critics, and which hit #20 on the Billboard 200 as well as charting high in seven other countries upon release.

Clay and Kelsy’s version of ‘Three Little Birds‘ featuring Elder Sister was released on November 4th.

According to Elder Sister, aka Nashville-based singer Shelby Kemper, she recorded the song with producers Clay and Kelsy, alongside composer and producer Austin Fray.

Kelsy of Kelsy and Clay is the lead vocalist on the song, while Elder Sister provides those beautiful harmonies.

Other than that the hopeful-sounding track is an ethereal slowed-down soulful-version of the original Marley song with stunning vocals, and is pretty damned beautiful.

If you love what Kelsy and Clay have done to this Bob Marley classic, and how powerfully and emotionally different it sounds from the original, they have also recorded another Marley track ‘High Tide or Low Tide‘, with the same gorgeously ethereal vocals that is equally stunning.

You will find their cover of that sweet track embedded below.

Listen to Clay and Kelsy’s ‘Three Little Birds’ from the ending scenes and end credits of The Morning Show in the video, and on the Spotify player below (you can hear more of their music via their Spotify account, and learn more about them via their official website).

According to a quick message I received from Clay this week, the duo is also working on new music, so we can expect more of this utter loveliness coming soon.

And yes, sadly, The Morning Show is coming back for a fourth season. Oh joy.

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