Listen to Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain’ from Dexter: New Blood, Season 1, Episode 2

Photo: Seacia Pavao/Showtime

American alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain‘ was one of the three superb songs played on the soundtrack of Dexter: New Blood last night — Dexter: New Blood, Season 1, Episode 2, “Storm of Fuck“.

The song was heard playing as Dexter’s son Harrison and the kids are partying.

Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain‘ is from the band’s sixth studio album Without a Sound, which was released in August, 1994.

The song was the lead and only single from the album, and has since become one of the band’s most popular songs with more than 39 million plays on Spotify alone.

Feel the Pain‘ charted in three countries, making it to #4 on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart, #25 on the UK’s Singles chart and #61 in Australia.

The music video for ‘Feel the Pain‘ had the band in a golf cart riding around New York City, then stopping off in various spots and playing golf, while generally leaving catastrophe in their wake.

Listen to Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘Feel the Pain‘ as heard on Dexter: New Blood last night.

An episode that, what with other songs like Beck’s ‘Black Tambourine was one of the best shows we’ve had in a while for great older contemporary music.

From Dinosaur Jr., a band that should always have been bigger than they are.



Michelle Topham