Listen to Five for Fighting’s ‘Superman’ from The Way Home S2 Ep 4 as Alice sings at open mic night

Five for Fighting’s ‘Superman‘ was heavily featured on The Way Home this week

When Five for Fighting’s ‘Superman (It’s Not Easy)‘ first hit the airwaves, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what drew me in, but it became a tune that etched its way into my soul, spinning on repeat for years.

Even now, it’s a melody that often finds its way back to my ears, resonating with a depth that goes beyond its melancholic facade.

Perhaps it’s the poignant reminder woven into its lyrics, showcasing that even the seemingly invincible have their moments of vulnerability.

Or maybe it’s the underlying current of hope that surges through its chords, lifting spirits with each note.

So, imagine my delight when the familiar strains of ‘Superman (It’s Not Easy)‘ graced the screen in The Way Home, Season 2, Episode 4.

Seeing an old video of Five for Fighting performing the song on TV during the episode, followed by Alice’s performance of ‘Superman‘ at open mic night was a nostalgic thrill.

When was Five for Fighting’s ‘Superman‘ first released?

Originally released in August, 2001, ‘Superman‘ swiftly become a symbol of resilience in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, as it was used to celebrate the firefighters, police, victims and survivors of the attacks.

The song’s ascent up the music charts was fast, clinching the top spot on the Adult Top 40 and securing a cozy #2 slot on the Adult Contemporary chart, as well as a respectable #14 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Its impact wasn’t confined to U.S. borders either, charting in multiple countries and earning a Grammy nomination the following year.

Today, it stands tall as one of Five for Fighting’s definitive tracks, having amassed nearly 238 million streams on Spotify alone.

Listen to Five for Fighting’s ‘Superman (It’s Not Easy)’ the song Alice sings on The Way Home both in the song’s music video and via Spotify, where it has been streamed almost 238 million times alone so far.

The second season of The Way Home is now streaming via Hallmark.


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