Listen to Fred Again’s ‘(Dermot) see yourself in my eyes’ from Shrinking, S1 E9 ending scenes

British singer, songwriter and record producer Fred Again’s ‘(Dermot) see yourself in my eyes‘ was used on the soundtrack of Shrinking this week — Shrinking, Season 1, Episode 9, ‘Moving Forward‘.

And man, was it a killer week for songs on the Apple TV+ comedy drama, with both Fred Again and Eddie Vedder having superb songs played on the episode.

In the case of Fred Again’s ‘(Dermot) see yourself in my eyes‘, the song was used towards the end of episode as Jimmy’s daughter Alice is lounging on his bed playing music on her phone for their “listening party”.

It continues as Alice realizes she forgot her mother’s birthday, and Jimmy tells her he didn’t.

It then plays over the end credits.

Fred Again’s ‘(Dermot) see yourself in my eyes‘ was released by the British singer songwriter on his debut solo album Actual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020), which was released in April, 2021.

The 16-track album charted in five countries, but had its biggest success in the UK at #9 on the Dance Albums list, and in the United States where it landed at #10 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Listen to Fred Again’s ‘(Dermot) see yourself in my eyes‘ as heard at the end of last night’s Shrinking in the video, and on his Actual Life… album.

The first season of Shrinking is streaming via Apple TV+, and has just been greenlit for a second season.


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