Listen to George Michael’s ‘Faith’ from The Big Door Prize, S01 E04 – still a banger after all these years

The late British singer songwriter George Michael’s ‘Faith‘ was one of three stellar tracks played on the soundtrack of The Big Door Prize this week — The Big Door Prize, Season 1, Episode 4, “Father Reuben“.

The song was heard as Dusty gets the dancing started off and then everyone gets on the dance floor.

George Michael’s ‘Faith‘ was the second single released from the singer’s debut studio album of the same name.

The song went on to become the top single in the U.S. in 1988.

It also ranked high on charts in 19 other countries, even making it to #1 on charts in five of them.

Michael’s ‘Faith‘ was eventually certified Gold or Platinum in five countries, including the UK and the U.S., as well as 2 x Platinum in Australia.

Interestingly, when Michael first wrote ‘Faith‘, the track was only 2 minutes long. When the British singer decided to release it as the second single from his upcoming album, he extended the track adding more lyrics and a cool guitar solo.

The music video George Michael released for the song begins with another of the singer’s songs playing, then ‘Faith‘ kicks in on the jukebox.

The video also went a long way towards establishing Michael as a sex symbol as it featured the singer wearing tight jeans and a leather jacket, with noticeable stubble and playing a guitar.

Sadly, Michael himself died at the still young age of 53 in 2016 due to heart disease.

Listen to George Michael’s ‘Faith‘ as heard on The Big Door Prize in the song’s music video, and on his Faith album.

The first season of The Big Door Prize is now streaming via Apple TV+.

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