Listen to ‘Holding Out For A Hero (Japanese)’ from Tetris soundtrack with its cool retro feel

Japanese singer songwriter ReN’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero (Japanese) is that thumping retro-sounding Japanese dance track played on the soundtrack of the new Apple TV+ film Tetris this week.

The track was played as Henk is telling his wife he knows the game will be a huge success because his daughter loves it.

ReN’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero (Japanese)‘ is one of two versions of the song played on Tetris, as Polina‘s Russian cover of the song was also played on the soundtrack of the film later on.

The song itself was originally recorded and released by Welsh singer songwriter Bonnie Tyler for the hit 1980s movie Footloose and, because of that, became an enormous worldwide hit.

The track was later re-released on the singer’s sixth studio album Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire, which came out on Columbia Records in 1986.

It has since gone down as one of Tyler’s signature songs.

As for┬áReN’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero‘, it is not the first Japanese cover of the song recorded for an American film, as Japanese singer Miki Asakura also recorded a female vocalist version of the hit track for last year’s Bullet Train.

Nice then to see the male answer to that, eh?

Listen to ReN’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero‘ from the Tetris movie soundtrack in the video, and on the film’s official soundtrack album.

The 29-year-old singer does a phenomenal job at really making the track his own. You can also listen to more of his music, which is equally superb, on Spotify.


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