Listen to Holly Macve’s ‘Suburban House’ from The Buccaneers S1 E4 as Patti goes to bed and end credits

The final couple of minutes of this week’s episode of Apple TV series The Buccaneers ended with Patti telling Terry she was “done”, and with him responding “Do you honestly think anyone would look at you twice without all this?” — The Buccaneers, Season 1, Episode 4, “Homecoming“.

The ending scenes have Patti (Christina Hendricks) in the bedroom, organizing Terry’s things just like she did during the episode’s opening scenes.

But, rather than the more hopeful song Big Time playing, we hear Irish singer Holly Macve’s ‘Suburban House‘ feat. Lana del Rey sadly playing over the scene, and then over the end credits.

The choice of the two different sounding songs, and the way both the beginning and ending scenes show Patti tidying up after Terry, but in entirely different ways, was a simple but powerful way of showing how quickly things can change.

In any relationship.

Who is Holly Macve and when was her ‘Suburban House’ released?

The Irish-born singer was actually brought up in the UK after her mother left her father, and moved her and her sisters to live with relatives in northern England.

Macve started her professional music career when she was 18 years old and moved to Brighton to perform live in the town’s open mic nights.

The owner of British indie record label Bella Union, and former Cocteau Twins member, Simon Raymonde saw her during one performance and signed her to his label.

Through that label, Macve released her debut album Golden Eagle in early 2017.

Holly Macve’s ‘Suburban House‘, which is a collaboration with American dream pop/alt pop singer Lana del Rey, came out in October this year, although this time on Macve’s own record label Loving Memory Records.

The track is the first release from her new EP due out some time in 2024.

The song released with little fanfare and, thus, seems to have fallen through the gaps somewhat — only earning 176,000 plays on YouTube, although it has earned over four million streams on Spotify so far.

Listen to Holly Macve’s ‘Suburban House’ as heard at the end of The Buccaneers below.

The song’s lyrics, while sad, speak perfectly towards the relationship Patti realizes she has with her cheating husband:

It only takes one week to fall out of love
With a woman like me, for a man like you
It only takes one look to catch a stranger’s eye
And imagine a life, flashing colours while I’m blue


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