Listen to ‘Honky Tonk Place to Be’ by The Ranchhands from A Teacher, Episode 9

The American new country band The Ranchhands ‘Honky Tonk Place to Be‘ was featured on the new episode of the drama series A Teacher last night — A Teacher, Season 1, Episode 9.

The song was played as Eric has gone to eat with his roommate Ryan, and Ryan harasses him about losing his scholarship.

The New York-based The Ranchhands ‘Honky Tonk Place to Be‘ is from the band’s album Back Home, released in 2004 via band member Chris Tedesco and Beach Sixty-One Music.

The track is the typical type of upbeat funky song you would hear in a rundown country bar somewhere deep in the south. (continue reading and listen to The Ranchhands ‘Honky Tonk Place to Be‘ after the promo…)

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The band The Ranchhands comprises Chris Tedesco and Mickey Kennedy who are backed by a variety of musicians both for recordings and tours.

The band also prides themselves on being one of the few country band’s that has played a huge number of live shows (close to 1,000), toured most U.S. states and hit 17 countries as well.

Listen to The Ranchhands ‘Honky Tonk Place to Be‘ as played on A Teacher in the video and on the band’s album Back Home below.

You can learn more about The Ranchhands on the band’s official website.

The FX on Hulu mini-series A Teacher ends on December 29th, 2020 with Episode 10.



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